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Farewell London!

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That's it, I arrived on the 20th October 2007 exactly and I am now about to take the ferry to France in a few hours, leaving 5 years and a half later... Who would have believed it? Certainly not me at the time, thinking that I would stay only for two years or three maximum. Time flew by, I found a great job, I met amazing people, lots of people actually, from everywhere in the world, had my heart broken, then fixed, then broken again but it doesn't matter at the end because London will always be special for me for these specific reasons.

It's actually one of these cities where you feel that everything is possible, not always easy but definitely worth to live in. London has got so much to offer, whether you want to enjoy the night life, the international and multicultural community or just the work opportunities but at the end I do not know a single person who regret his/her time spent here.

The only part which is a bitter pill to swallow is when people are actually leaving London to carry on with their life somewhere else... And I am now one of them. People come and go, and it's normal you'll tell me but if I had to be selfish I would like everyone to stay around me forever. We would go to the pub every weekend, have great BBQs, get drunk and redesign the world at 6am in the morning, go to the Zoo (Colm?), or just be happy to be together.

Some say you need a change in your life every 5 or 6 years. Travelling around the world and meeting people has always been a dream of mine. I had basically 4 dreams when I was a kid: being an astronaut, being a writer, travelling the world in an Indiana Jones' style and well I'll keep secret the fourth one. I missed the first one (thanks mum for making me colourblind!) and as for the second, well it's actually quite far (especially if I write in English), but I will get to travel and realise my third dream soon! To be honest I have no idea of how this will go. I could potentially come back after 2 months, after having realised that travelling on my own is definitely not for me, or maybe quite the opposite, staying abroad under the palm trees and not ever wanting to come back... But either way I'm sure it will be an amazing experience that I will recommend to everyone after. As one of my best friend said, there will be an "after" and "before" this year...

Well in any case I will keep you posted. Thanks a lot everyone for your friendship and support over all these years, I maybe leave alone but I definitely know that you are behind me and it counts a lot for me, you do not ever imagine!

Ok well, enough of the open-heart and crying baby writing now and next time I will post, it will be with the first pictures of my trip, probably Mexico. Actually no, I was thinking of posting my packing list, just to compare with a year later and find out how much useless stuff I would have taken with me..

Keep in touch! Take care.

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