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The End of the Road 02/06/2014
Trekking in the Himalayas 01/06/2014
Diving in Thailand 31/05/2014
De Ko Lanta à Ko Tao, petite visite des îles Thaïlandaises 30/05/2014
Warming up in Bangkok 29/05/2014
The Magnificent Angkor Temples 28/05/2014
Greetings from the smiling Cambodia 27/05/2014
Chilling out in Laos 25/05/2014
Hong Kong, Pearl of the Orient 07/04/2014
Instant musique à Séoul 06/04/2014
How to subscribe to the blog 05/04/2014
Detour via South Korea 04/04/2014
Tramping in the Huxley Valley 26/03/2014
Scuba diving in Milford Sound 21/03/2014
Randonnées en Nouvelle-Zélande 19/03/2014
Whanganui River Trip 14/03/2014
Looking for Bilbo and the Hobbits 10/03/2014
Adventures in Kiwiland 01/03/2014
Trip to Cape Reinga 02/02/2014
Auckland and the Waitakere Ranges 25/01/2014
New-Zealand, finally! 23/01/2014
Six mois plus tard, petit bilan de voyage... 21/01/2014
Six months later, trip review... 21/01/2014
Santiago de Chile, end of the road... 18/01/2014
The End of the World 17/01/2014
Torres del Paine 09/01/2014
The Perito Moreno glacier 24/12/2013
From Salta to Bariloche 17/12/2013
The desert of San Pedro de Atacama 09/12/2013
Salar de Uyuni 06/12/2013
Going down the mine in Potosí 05/12/2013
The deadly La Paz 04/12/2013
The infamous lake Titicaca 22/11/2013
Arequipa and the Colca cañon 20/11/2013
The mysterious Nazca lines... 16/11/2013
Huacachina, a fun oasis 14/11/2013
Santa Cruz Trek 12/11/2013
Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca 03/11/2013
Jungle Trek to El Mirador 31/10/2013
From Quito to Huaraz by bus 31/10/2013
Quito y Mitad del Mundo 23/10/2013
Short stop in Colombia 18/10/2013
Sailing to Colombia 07/10/2013
Panama City and Portobelo 02/10/2013
Sur la route de Panama 30/09/2013
Utila, Vingt mille lieues sous les mers... 21/09/2013
Copán Ruinas 14/09/2013
Lago de Atitlán 12/09/2013
Antigua 29/08/2013
Semuc Champey 21/08/2013
Tikal 18/08/2013
Adventures in Belize 09/08/2013
Adios Mexico, Hello Belize! 03/08/2013
Meet the turtles 02/08/2013
Chichén Itzá 23/07/2013
Mérida and the Yucatán 22/07/2013
Bad beat 12/07/2013
Palenque or the Maya ruins paradise 10/07/2013
San Cristobal de Las Casas 03/07/2013
Session bronzage! 27/06/2013
Oaxaca and Hostal Casa Angel 23/06/2013
On my way to Puebla 16/06/2013
Mexico City 12/06/2013
One day in Teotihuacan 05/06/2013
Instant Musique à Mexico 03/06/2013
Mexico here I am! 30/05/2013
Flight ticket booked! 20/05/2013
Farewell London! 30/04/2013
Last day in the office 23/04/2013